People not always laugh at the same thing of same movie

People not always laugh at the same thing of same movie
People not always laugh at the same thing of same movie

Comedy Charlie Chaplin, Modern Times, occupies the first position in South Asia, despite being at number 12 in general. However, films from India, whatever the language, often focus on sentimental and struggle, two themes that are closely related to Chaplin’s film. The Modern Times idea even comes from Chaplin and Gandhi’s conversations in the early 1930s. At that time Gandhi told Chaplin that the industry to be mastered by machines was one of the greatest threats of the modern era.

Critics from South Asia and East Asia, four times more often choose Modern Times, than critics from other regions. And this film does not even get a single sound from British critics, although Chaplin is from England.

Well, now we see the movie that is in position number one. Some Like It Hot, made by Polish Jewish immigrant Billy Wilder, who broke into Hollywood taboos, topped the list.

This is because the film, starring Marilyn Monroe was gaining tremendous support from film critics from Europe as many as 60% of European film critics, chose this film.

Some Like It Hot is also chosen by film observers from East Asia and Latin America. A total of 33% of critics from the Americas chose this film, although only 26% of all critics came from the United States and Canada. The important thing is that as many as 86 out of a total of 253 critics who are involved in this voting choose the number one film that is not “Some Like It Hot”. Dr Strangelove often becomes the top movie on their list.

Interestingly, film critics from Eastern Europe, more are choosing Dr. Strangelove than critics from Western Europe. It seems that the United States and the countries that were under Soviet power were more appreciative of Dr Strangelove because the satires conveyed by the film were more felt by the people in the country.

And perhaps,” Some Like It Hot” movie is more praised by European critics than Americans, because although it is a Hollywood movie, it tends to put forward the European way of looking at physical attraction.

After all, Wilder did start his career in Germany in the 1920s before being forced to flee to America. He was clearly trying to break down the old conservative culture embedded in Hollywood at the time. So, the point is that we all like to laugh, but not always laugh at the same thing. To enjoy watching comedy films anywhere anytime, you can go to lk21 which has complete selection of films.

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