Why You Need to Love Yourself when Dating Someone with Depression

Allowing a depressed person to drown before offering help is totally wrong. Severe depression will be more difficult to manage, easier to relapse, and will further spread the thorn in your relationship in the future.

Waiting also increases the likelihood that your relationship will not last; the presence of depression in a relationship increases the risk of separation by up to nine-fold.

Take Care of Yourself while Being with Depressed Loved One

Do not forget to find support for yourself. Staying with a depressed partner will keep you focused on his condition. However, do not let you forget the condition of your own health.

You can join a support group of depressed patient family members who can help and strengthen your partner. Support and understanding from family or other friends can also help you tough to face and pass this all together with your partner.

Keep yourself healthy. If you have a depression partner, unwittingly will make your health can be neglected. Researchers at University School of Medicine have also found that nearly a third of people living with depression men are particularly vulnerable to depression and anxiety disorders.

Therefore, be aware of the symptoms of depression in yourself, especially fatigue, headaches, and sustained nausea. Immediately consult your doctor to find the right treatment and medication for yourself.

Few Tips for dating someone with depression

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