Manage and support your Game

Have you ever played an online game and thought, “I want to make something like this, I have some good ideas”? You used to learn how to code in Action Script 3, the language that drives Flash. However, thanks to some game builder programs, coding experience is a requirement of the past. You can create fun and deep games by manipulating objects and logic, without touching the code line at all.

Manage and support your Game

Manage and support your game. Once your game is released, support the game as much as possible by fixing bugs and entering new content. The age of digital distribution makes games more updated faster than they used to be. In addition, one or two bugs will appear once in a while as the population of players accessing your games more and more. Do what you can to fix the bug as soon as possible.

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There is no absolute way to create a game. Think of this guide as an outline only, and use the process that is most effective for you.

Do not expect to get a lot of money overnight. Creating a game is a work based on hobbies and interests, and money is a bonus of that effort.

There will be some people who do not believe you will be able to do it. But, as long as you stay serious about it, you’ll be able to finish what you started.

You may encounter many obstacles, but do not be afraid. Making a good game is a process that takes a long time. But the end result will be worth the effort you spend.

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