The home improvement ideas for Living Room

Decorating the living room with a small size is a problem. Different with the Fleur de lishome improvement ideas living room decoration the room size is large and big enough. The decoration for a small living room is a challenge in itself. Yes because there are various restrictions that prevent you from expressing ideas for decorating the living room. But decorating a small living room can be easy and fun if you use the right approach. Generally people take the first approach in decorating space with a small size is to decrease the size of the furniture size to fit the room. Many people are so focused on furniture that fits in the living room, whereas the wall is the best resource in decorating the room.

The room wall is the most spacious surface of any room, for that more attention should be given to decorate the walls. Many people avoid color every time they decorate a small room. The secret of the designers in decorating the small room to look great is to paint the ceiling of the room with colors like wall paint.

A mirror is a design tool that you can use to make the room look bigger. There are several home improvement ideas. For a small room , place a large mirror on one of two short walls. Other reflective surfaces can also add depth and wide-sighted illusion throughout your living room. This technique can blur the line between sky and wall. One element in the design of the room that is often forgotten is the processing of the window. You can give the illusion of the room to high by hanging curtain right under the ceiling line and letting the curtain fall to the floor.

One way to break the space wall is to add a bookcase, shelf or cabinet. This is an ideal opportunity to take advantage of the mirrors behind the shelves to reflect light and create a feeling of greater space.


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