How to handle your kids if they really like to watch movies online?

What should parents do to overcome children’s problems too hobby watching movies online? That is by limiting children watching television.

As parents can actually control children’s activities, including watching television. Instead of prohibiting watching television but limiting children’s activities from watching television. How do you limit children from watching television? Parents can do the following things, including:

  1. Inviting children to do outdoor activities

Like sports, playing with peers. Or take a walk around housing with parents.

  1. Invite children to do homework together

Cooking with children can be done to divert watching television, or other activities, such as cleaning the house and other activities, so that the time to watch television can be reduced.

  1. Invite children to read books

Reading books is an effective activity to divert children from watching television, especially when taking children to a public library or bookstore. This will divert children from watching television.

  1. Organize television viewing schedules

Make a schedule for children to watch television, for example, to watch television only on holidays. Initially it was difficult, especially for children who were addicted to television. But if done with a good approach, the child will be familiar with the rules that parents give.

  1. Watch television with parents

Accompany children in watching television, do not let children watch alone without supervision! This is done to avoid bad influences from television. In addition, it will increase the closeness and harmony of parents and children.

How to watch movies online without fee?

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