Eating healthy fusion can also make your mood happy

The delicious healthy foods below contain good nutrients that have been shown to be able to provide an energy boost, reduce the levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and increase happy hormone levels, serotonin. Here it is food and a healthy fusion diet that can make your mood better and cheerful throughout the day:


Oranges are a storehouse of vitamin C. Vitamin C has a variety of benefits, not just increasing the immune system. This vitamin has been proven effective in reducing the physical and psychological effects of stressful stress.

The highest levels of vitamin C in the body are found naturally in the adrenal glands, and research shows that stress can deplete the body’s supply of vitamin C. That is why people who have high levels of vitamin C do not show the expected signs of mental and physical stress when experiencing acute psychological challenges.

What’s more, they are reported to be able to get back up faster from stressful situations than people with low levels of vitamin C in their blood.

-Cashew nut

You don’t have to eat cashews at the time of holidays. Cashew nuts can be consumed at any time. In addition, this healthy food has been named as one of the best stress relievers of all types of beans. This is because cashew nuts contain high levels of zinc per ounce to cover 11 percent of your daily needs.

Low zinc levels in the body have been linked to high anxiety and tendency to depression. Especially because the body does not have the facility to store zinc reserves, so you should get the intake every day like from cashews.

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