Tips to Buy a Good Rooftop Cargo Carrier
Tips to Buy a Good Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Carrying luggage in the car is supposed to be placed in the luggage space provided by the factory standard, but this is often a problem when items are carried beyond the available baggage capacity. As a solution of the problematic is currently sold a lot of accessories called rooftop cargo carrier that serves as an additional storage place installed on the roof of the car. The first knowledge to know is the maximum load that the vehicle can carry. Usually the manufacturers rarely provide detailed specifications about the maximum load that can be accommodated roof of the car. But for some types of SUV cars are usually equipped with a roof rail design and function has been adjusted by considering the weight of the load on the roof.

If you want to install a rooftop cargo carrier in the car, must first calculate the factors that influence the maximum carrying capacity of your vehicle. For example, the car that will be fitted with roof box is Toyota Kijang Innova diesel engine, with gross weight of 2,300 kilogram and weight of 1,700 kg weight, means that the load can be transported by this car is only 600 kg, obtained from the reduction of gross weight with kreb weight.

The 600 kg figure includes the weight of all the passengers in the car. So suppose if the car is fully charged Innova by 7 adults with an average body weight of 60 kg, then the weight of passengers alone has reached 420 kg. This means the ration load to carry only 180 kg of goods left, the number is then reduced again by the weight of the rooftop cargo carrier with its cross bar, for example a total of 20 kg, meaning you can carry a weight of 160 kg. Otherwise if the number of passengers reduced, the capacity for goods can be more, well this figure should be calculated carefully by the car owners who will use the roof box on his car.


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