Longjohn and best snowshoes
Longjohn and best snowshoes

Besides best snowshoes that you must notice, another layer is innerwear Longjohn pants. Just like a boss, at minus temperatures, it’s good to make this body comfortable by giving cooling to the cold of Longjohn pants. Similar to the boss, Longjohn pants are also made from special to hold / keep warm body temperature. Actually the use of this pants optional aka option because only for extreme temperatures. I myself only wear it if the weather temperature is lower than -5 degrees centigrade. If it’s still zero degrees, I’m still comfortable wearing jeans.

Second layer (outside): Jeans or thick pants or special winter pants. Many options for underwear, especially the type of trousers that can be made from jeans, wool, denim, or special pants for winter made from polyester plated fleece. The last type I call seems to have been sold in Indonesia for the purposes of nature lovers. If not mistaken, a brand like Eiger was already there. I myself am more comfortable using jeans or jeans lined with Longjohn pants (if needed).

My advice if your destination is cool enough, it’s best to have at least one Longjohn pants just in case you’re cold.

Human neck is very sensitive, not to mention the cold wind. For that you must prepare a scarf or protective neck (a kind of neck scarf) made of wool or fleece can also. In the market there has been a special protector of the neck as a substitute for a scarf that does not make complicated. Stay focus in the neck and function optimally because like a scarf that envelops your neck.