Interior Design – Almost the same as non-sticky wok cookware material, this type of nylon spatula is also quite safe as long as it is not exposed to scratches and its elements enter the food. Many types of non-sticky spatula made of nylon material, with a thick fin design and less flexible if used in cooking on a frying pan. If you have this type of spatula, be sure not to use it in foods with hot temperatures.

Type Spatula Metals which is Favorites in the Kitchen

Here comes one of my favorite spatula types at home! The metal spatula is flat and is usually used to flip the baked or cooked food over the pan. In this type of spatula, usually there are some holes in the bottom. In addition, this metal spatula also serves to lift and serve food.

Not solely all cooking utensils and the type of spatula you use should be thrown away. You can still use it with careful use.

You can also avoid it by placing the type of spatula according to the conditions when cooking. For example, if you are cooking food with high heat, try to use more wood or silicon spatula type. However, if only to move food, you can try plastic or nylon spatula type.

Then, avoid combining nonstick sticky Teflon cookware with stainless steel spatula type because it can cause damage to the sticky non-sticky griddle element, it will be harmful for food. Use also a special type of spatula if you want to make a birthday cake decoration using a type of spatula frosting.

Since the spatula is the basic equipment you should have in the kitchen, do not let this object be a danger or threat to your family’s health. Clever in choosing the type of spatula from the material becomes your homework. After knowing the types of pots above, hopefully you are not confused anymore yes choose the type of pot for your cooking creations.

Granny pods floor plans for kitchen
Granny pods floor plans for kitchen

If it seems like you’re getting tired of the kitchen in the house it means that your kitchen is starting to look worn out. We think you need to redecorate your kitchen, giving a modern twist to your kitchen is a good choice because then your kitchen will look more attractive and fresh. The modern kitchen decor with Granny pods floor plans almost always impresses everyone, the first thing you need in all the designing designs of the kitchen is the selection of wall colors, it’s up to you to apply light-themed, light or dark colors of origin just make sure that the colors you choose are memorable modern.

Kitchen cannot be called modern if it is not filled with the latest equipment, the latest equipment in your kitchen will complete the modern impression, it’s useless if you have renovated your kitchen with modern colors and cabinets if your kitchenware is old is not it? So prepare a more budget to make your kitchen design more futuristic.

Some professional home designers choose to suggest modern kitchen decor, this means it is a demand to have a modern kitchen design at home is increasing. Creating a modern kitchen is an interesting challenge for the designers; in addition to new ideas also need to continue to promote functionality for kitchen construction is not solely because of the blinding aesthetic.