Mazda 2018 car release dates
Mazda 2018 car release dates

Honestly, we are still quite impressed with the enthusiasm of the Japanese public about this one product, the Mazda CX-8. Being plotted as a substitute for Mazda Biante which incidentally is Medium MPV, Mazda CX-8 successfully booked a satisfactory sale. In fact not only that, the true car is a flagship SUV in Japan is already a lot of ordering even before the official launching.

Yep, indeed Mazda CX-8 successfully provides high euphoria for the Mazda, or maybe if in Indonesia, this also happened to Mitsubishi Xpander a few months ago. The car that also attracted the attention of the Eurokars Indonesia to be entered into this homeland successfully recorded more than 7300 units in terms of reservation.

Not a matter of indent that follow Mazda concern this time, because the fact is not the addition of production capacity made by Mazda. Indeed the problem actually comes from the car itself. Mazda found there are two problems that occurred in the Mazda CX-8 production. First, the problem arises on the front camera of this car where this camera is a component that supports Smart City Brake Support (SCBS) aka Stop Stop Automatic System.

An abnormal appears in this camera of the car on the front side, so there is an oddity in terms of the appearance of the individual image of the camera. Surely this abnormality will also affect the performance of SCBS Mazda system in this car. The second problem arises in the backseat, precisely in the reclining lever from the chair which said be hardened by itself. Surely these two problems could be a bigger problem if not addressed, therefore the Mazda respond quickly by stopping the distribution, and evaluating each product. This problem itself has also occurred in the New Mazda CX-5, and again repeated in this series. Not yet clear when the distribution can run normally again. Therefore there is rumor heard that automotive fans might be patient to wait Mazda 2018 car release dates being postponed a little late than estimated.