Why Bodybuilder Need to Avoid Salt?

Salt is something that is often avoided when dieting because sodium in it can bind water, so the weight will increase. Some studies also prove that consuming too much salt may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

But the thing is, salt is the main flavor in every cook. Without salt, of course the food tastes less delicious on the tongue. Then how handle it so that your diet food remains delicious without salt?

How to Replace Salt to Eat Healthy Food?

Here are natural ingredients that you can use as a flavor in your healthy menu.

Mint leaves have a refreshing aroma and a fresh spicy flavor. You can add mint leaves to your cooking as a flavor enhancer, or as a salad dressing. In addition to delicious, mint leaves have several healthy benefits including reduce pain due to antispasmodic content and healthy digestion because of the content of antioxidants and phytonutrients in it.

Onions and garlic are often used to improve the taste of food. Not infrequently the onion is also used as a sprinkling because it’s tasty. In addition to improving the taste of onions is also often used as a drug to prevent cancer due to their rich oregano sulfur compounds. The content of vitamin C as an antioxidant can help combat free radicals.

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