Apple Calories Compared to Calories of Other Fruits

Apple is famous for its very little calories. Apple calories are very suitable to be used as a substitute for breakfast in the morning. Eating apples that are low in calories before activities can increase the strength of origin according to portions. One apple or 100 grams of apples has 63 kilos of calories. So if you eat one apple that weighs less than 100 grams, you consume less than 63 kcal. The number of apple calories compared to other fruit calories is indeed low. This is also what makes the apple selected as a fruit to lose weight. Eating apples reduces the risk of excess calories that will be stockpiled into fat. When compared to other fruits, apples will be chosen more and it is recommended to be consumed regularly. Apples are also recommended for consumption by doctors as a vitamin enhancer. Even though you have eaten rice with lots of calories you can eat apples because the calories aren’t too much. The most important thing is to eat fruits every day. So even if you are not on a diet, you also need to consume it.

This low apple calorie is what makes apples more chosen as a food menu companion. After eating a lot of the main foods with high calories, you can consume low-calorie apples. Other fruits can also be consumed but the calories can be bigger. For example, bananas are often a dessert. It turns out that bananas have 97 kcal every 100 grams so that when you have consumed too many calories then eat bananas then the stack of calories will be more and more. Other fruits that have high calories are avocados. Although avocados are often used for dieting, this fruit has a high caloric content which is every 100 grams containing 168 kcal. This fruit is not suitable to be eaten together with high-calorie main foods. Therefore, apples are chosen as fruits with calories that are right for a healthy menu every day. Even so, the number of apples eaten must also be appropriate because too much apple consumption will not be good.

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