Have you ever played an online game and thought, “I want to make something like this, I have some good ideas”? You used to learn how to code in Action Script 3, the language that drives Flash. However, thanks to some game builder programs, coding experience is a requirement of the past. You can create fun and deep games by manipulating objects and logic, without touching the code line at all.

Manage and support your Game

Manage and support your game. Once your game is released, support the game as much as possible by fixing bugs and entering new content. The age of digital distribution makes games more updated faster than they used to be. In addition, one or two bugs will appear once in a while as the population of players accessing your games more and more. Do what you can to fix the bug as soon as possible.

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There is no absolute way to create a game. Think of this guide as an outline only, and use the process that is most effective for you.

Do not expect to get a lot of money overnight. Creating a game is a work based on hobbies and interests, and money is a bonus of that effort.

There will be some people who do not believe you will be able to do it. But, as long as you stay serious about it, you’ll be able to finish what you started.

You may encounter many obstacles, but do not be afraid. Making a good game is a process that takes a long time. But the end result will be worth the effort you spend.


People not always laugh at the same thing of same movie
People not always laugh at the same thing of same movie

Comedy Charlie Chaplin, Modern Times, occupies the first position in South Asia, despite being at number 12 in general. However, films from India, whatever the language, often focus on sentimental and struggle, two themes that are closely related to Chaplin’s film. The Modern Times idea even comes from Chaplin and Gandhi’s conversations in the early 1930s. At that time Gandhi told Chaplin that the industry to be mastered by machines was one of the greatest threats of the modern era.

Critics from South Asia and East Asia, four times more often choose Modern Times, than critics from other regions. And this film does not even get a single sound from British critics, although Chaplin is from England.

Well, now we see the movie that is in position number one. Some Like It Hot, made by Polish Jewish immigrant Billy Wilder, who broke into Hollywood taboos, topped the list.

This is because the film, starring Marilyn Monroe was gaining tremendous support from film critics from Europe as many as 60% of European film critics, chose this film.

Some Like It Hot is also chosen by film observers from East Asia and Latin America. A total of 33% of critics from the Americas chose this film, although only 26% of all critics came from the United States and Canada. The important thing is that as many as 86 out of a total of 253 critics who are involved in this voting choose the number one film that is not “Some Like It Hot”. Dr Strangelove often becomes the top movie on their list.

Interestingly, film critics from Eastern Europe, more are choosing Dr. Strangelove than critics from Western Europe. It seems that the United States and the countries that were under Soviet power were more appreciative of Dr Strangelove because the satires conveyed by the film were more felt by the people in the country.

And perhaps,” Some Like It Hot” movie is more praised by European critics than Americans, because although it is a Hollywood movie, it tends to put forward the European way of looking at physical attraction.

After all, Wilder did start his career in Germany in the 1920s before being forced to flee to America. He was clearly trying to break down the old conservative culture embedded in Hollywood at the time. So, the point is that we all like to laugh, but not always laugh at the same thing. To enjoy watching comedy films anywhere anytime, you can go to lk21 which has complete selection of films.


Mazda 2018 car release dates
Mazda 2018 car release dates

Honestly, we are still quite impressed with the enthusiasm of the Japanese public about this one product, the Mazda CX-8. Being plotted as a substitute for Mazda Biante which incidentally is Medium MPV, Mazda CX-8 successfully booked a satisfactory sale. In fact not only that, the true car is a flagship SUV in Japan is already a lot of ordering even before the official launching.

Yep, indeed Mazda CX-8 successfully provides high euphoria for the Mazda, or maybe if in Indonesia, this also happened to Mitsubishi Xpander a few months ago. The car that also attracted the attention of the Eurokars Indonesia to be entered into this homeland successfully recorded more than 7300 units in terms of reservation.

Not a matter of indent that follow Mazda concern this time, because the fact is not the addition of production capacity made by Mazda. Indeed the problem actually comes from the car itself. Mazda found there are two problems that occurred in the Mazda CX-8 production. First, the problem arises on the front camera of this car where this camera is a component that supports Smart City Brake Support (SCBS) aka Stop Stop Automatic System.

An abnormal appears in this camera of the car on the front side, so there is an oddity in terms of the appearance of the individual image of the camera. Surely this abnormality will also affect the performance of SCBS Mazda system in this car. The second problem arises in the backseat, precisely in the reclining lever from the chair which said be hardened by itself. Surely these two problems could be a bigger problem if not addressed, therefore the Mazda respond quickly by stopping the distribution, and evaluating each product. This problem itself has also occurred in the New Mazda CX-5, and again repeated in this series. Not yet clear when the distribution can run normally again. Therefore there is rumor heard that automotive fans might be patient to wait Mazda 2018 car release dates being postponed a little late than estimated.


Choosing the right Runners Choice shoes
Choosing the right Runners Choice shoes

Do not wait too long before buying another new shoe. Remember that good running shoes are designed to last only 600 to 850 kilometers.

As a result, your shoes may need to be replaced approximately every six months (for runners in general). Although the shoes still look good, if the base is worn out, your risk of injury is getting bigger.

Record the date each time you buy running shoes because you can know how long you used the shoes and when you should buy a new one to replace it.

Ask a saleswoman to help you when choosing shoes because he’s an expert and generally knows more than you.

Choosing the right Runners Choice shoes can improve our performance in exercise, while minimizing injury. Therefore, different types of shoes, designed for different types of sports. Soles sports shoes offer a special sporting function that can help your performance. Key features and main styles also affect, such as grip, flexibility, weight, and even component release.

If based on sports arena, type of shoes is divided into 5 kinds, namely:

  1. Athletic shoes. These are grouped into categories running, practicing, and walking. These include shoes for mountain climbing, jogging, and brisk walking. If you choose running shoes, look for those with soft padded backs, good air absorption, a soft base, and a sole design that encourages natural movement of the feet during walking. Features for the right jogging shoes, including bearings, flexibility, control, and stability in lightweight heel areas with good grip strength.
  2. Shoe sports field covered. These include shoes for tennis, basketball, and volleyball. Most field sports require the body to move forward, backward, and from side to side. As a result, most of these field shoes have soles that are quite thick and heavy.
  3. Outdoor sports field shoes. This includes shoes for football and baseball. These shoes are thorny, buttoned, or nailed. Thorn and button formations vary from sport to sport, but can generally be replaced or removed in sol nylon.
  4. Special sports shoes. These include shoes for golf, dancing, and cycling.
  5. Sports shoes in nature. This includes shoes used for recreational activities such as hunting, fishing, and boating.

Clash Royale is a battle or battle game where each player will be welcome to choose some cards that have been prepared and will be used to defeat the enemy card. A good card to use is a card that has a high attack power and endurance, which is why the legendary card is the most suitable card used to perform any attack or often called the Battle in Clash Royale.

But the problem is not indiscriminately people get this card, because only the lucky people who can get the legendary card. The Clash Royale hack key to getting a legendary card in this game is to play it often. There is no definite proof of how your loyalty is playing and the frequency of playing a Clash Royale can affect the legendary card.

The second Clash Royale hackway is arguably a rather extreme way because we will contact the Supercell directly to request a legendary card for free.The possibility of getting a legendary card in this way is also quite large and quite easy to do but takes at least 1 day more. Contact the server with clicking ‘Contact Us’ button. Fill with email address, name and do not forget press ‘Enter’ the contents of the Message you want to convey to the owner of the game Clash Royale.

Based on the experience, after sending the message to the contact center, they will give help player by giving the legendary cards. However, try to request to them politely, like in example, you can tell them that you are currently doing the battle and doesn’t have any legendary cards, which made your battle really hard to win. With this reason, they will give you the legendary cards to help you win the game. But this Clash Royale hack way does not always work. This depends on the game Clash Royale party because the decision is in their hands.


Roger was indeed a Marksman, but he was able to transform his form into a deadly werewolf in Mobile Legend. When changed shape, his role changed into a Fighter. Roger specializes in hunting down his enemies. It has the ability to approach enemies quickly and has a high running speed. In addition, Roger also has the ability to cut enemies very well using both his paws. If the enemy’s HP is still full, Roger will give additional damage from each attack to the hero. This is what makes Roger very dangerous enemy team, when selected as a Fighter.

Like LapuLapu, Roger is a Fighter with deal dealer damage. His role is similar to the Assassin that is hunting down the enemy. But as a Fighter, Roger does not have a strong defense, so if it gets beaten will be punished. Roger’s weakness when he became a Fighter was not disabled. For this reason the team that uses Roger as Fighter requires the help of another hero (Tanker or Mage) with disable skill or strong crowd control.

The other hero is Freya, Freya is one of the strongest Fighter Mobile Legends heroes. Its specialty is to fight from close range. The strength of all the attacks is very high and gives a cleaving effect. For that he is a very strong assassin and Mage exterminator! Freya is a complete fighter. It has the ability to attack enemies at high speed while providing stun. Of course the enemy who hit by this death will find it difficult to escape. Freya usually also acts as a damage dealer, a hero carry to quell the enemy hero. Nothing can beat Freya in a one-on-one fight. It usually appears suddenly from the bush. Moreover, he was assisted by a strong leap ability. The only drawback is that it does not have the ability to restore a powerful HP. For that he should be assisted healers like Estes or Rafaela.

Source: gemshare.com


Cheat Clash Royale Hack Tool Trick
Clash Royale is a multiplayer real-time game starring Royales, Clash your favorite Clans characters and much more. If you want to get unlimited gems, cards and gold without spending a lot of time, than Clash Royale is the solution. You have the chance to enjoy the game and achieve their precious gold and gems while performing any tricks.

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How to unlock all Clash Royale cards that are locked? This time will be shared trick how to open all the cards in Clash Royale (CR), this trick is quite simple but powerful and durable or can be spelled out permanent hack. This is a cheat. Cheat to unlock all clash royale cards without root and without downloading malicious apps. How to unlock all the cards in our Clash Royale Hack requires a new version of the cheat tool

This cheat will inject script into the Clash royale (CR) server chx.cryl.supercell.comxxx, this is the server for storing all data players from all over the world. The best way to break through is to use a bug system or system flaw. In this case we use a superscript then inject that into the system in order to make a profit. One of them is to take the items in it.

Steps to cheat open all clash royale cards by Clash Royale Hack. First, enter username-clash royale. Then choose how many gold gems and cards you want to inject into your royale clash account. This step is very important try not to exceed the limit, because if too much, cheat will not work. (maximum gold is 500k but gems unlimited).

The last step is verification, because this is a Premium Cheat, so you are required to install one of the applications provided. After installing the application, the next step is to wait about 5 minutes, and your royale clash account will be filled in by the items you have input.



How to Diet Well
How to Diet Well

As a first step, you do not need to exercise regularly to stay in shape. Do something you love to do it over and over again like playing soccer with colleagues or cycling with family. Scheduling the exercise in the morning before starting the move is the best way for you who find it difficult to take the time as well. Try to exercise at least 2-3 hours per week.

  1. Less consumption of mineral water

Some people think that the consumption of mineral water makes the body become fat though mineral water is the most important element in burning calories. Consumption of at least eight glasses per day will increase the rate of metabolism.

  1. Weigh the body every day

If your body weight goes down in a matter of days, then most likely the down is the water content in the body. But not fat. Instead of measuring weight every day, try to focus on long-term goals such as the target of eliminating half a kilogram within 1-2 weeks.

  1. Set unrealistic targets

In addition to frustrating because the desire is not achieved, targeting to lose weight up to 5 pounds a week can make you intend to do everything, including unhealthy ways to achieve it. Stress due to unattainable targets can actually trigger you to eat more.

Basically a healthy diet is about managing your diet; including choosing the type of food you should eat. A healthy diet is when all the nutrients your body needs can be met. Some simple steps that can be a guide: Set a healthy target each week. Small and simple targets are important as a step toward sustainable lifestyle change. In addition, setting a realistic target on a regular basis and successfully fulfilling it will make you feel positive for example, if you like eating fried foods every day, target to not consume them within a week. Instead, consume a healthy distraction like dried fruit and Best diet pills 2018



Ready to watch any horror movie
Ready to watch any horror movie

Lie to your feelings, tell yourself that you are not afraid of blood or so on. It can make you really feel not afraid. If you do not like it, then do not watch a horror movie. You will experience nightmares later on.

Already in 2017, but are you still afraid to watch a horror movie? Well, not really exciting, but every year more and more quality horror films aired you know. Horror movie has its own charm that always makes fans curious and faithful waiting for the latest movie release. Full of surprises and adrenaline rush to make this one genre is never cracked by time. The fans are always there from year to year.

It’s a shame that you cannot stand watching horror movies today. You’re not sad if when all my friends again chat about horror movie that again so hit, you can only bite the lips? Well if you want to read tips from this streaming movie, you will not be coward again and ready to watch any horror movie.

As much as possible take your friends or girlfriends when you want to watch a horror movie. If there is a friend, your fear will be reduced drastically, because you feel that someone is always looking after you. Better if your watch mate is a brave or humorous man. Usually he will give funny tweets to reduce your tension.


Consult your doctor about using melatonin for toddlers
Consult your doctor about using melatonin for toddlers

Drug interactions can alter the performance of your drug or increase the risk of serious side effects. Not all possible drug interactions are listed in this document. Keep a list of all the products you use (including prescription / non-prescription medicines and herbal products) and consult your doctor or pharmacist. Do not starts, stop, or change the dose of any medication without your doctor’s approval for melatonin for toddlers

Taking this drug with other sedative drugs may increase the risk of severe drowsiness. Consult your doctor about using melatonin for toddlers along with sleeping pills, antidepressants, sedatives, pain medications, muscle tranquilizers, seizure medications, or herbal supplements that can cause drowsiness

Do not take this medication without medical advice if you are taking the following medications:

  • antibiotics
  • aspirin or acetaminophen (Tylenol)
  • the contraceptive pill
  • insulin or oral diabetes drug
  • painkillers
  • abdominal pain medications
  • ADHD treatment, such as methylphenidate
  • heart treatment or blood pressure problem
  • treatment to prevent blood clotting
  • steroid drugs – prednisone, and others

The Benefits Of Karton Box
The Benefits Of Karton Box

Karton box are also available for small cardboard boxes and are usually used as a place or packing of rings, miniatures, necklaces and perfumes.

Judging from the benefits that have small size, simple and practical, cardboard will facilitate us in storing goods or send the product to the customer.

As for the cardboard, t-shirt can be used for clothing entrepreneurs or Distro usage. Especially in the packaging of products of their products, they can also use their own brand logo in the use of cardboard shirts.

For standard cardboard itself suitable for use as an online packaging shop if you are an online goods seller.

The use of cardboard boxes at these plain cardboard boxes on every cardboard section is stronger and the goods will be better protected in the delivery process to the consumer. In addition bottle cartons and others also have a good benefit in helping the packaging or packaging of a good.


Longjohn and best snowshoes
Longjohn and best snowshoes

Besides best snowshoes that you must notice, another layer is innerwear Longjohn pants. Just like a boss, at minus temperatures, it’s good to make this body comfortable by giving cooling to the cold of Longjohn pants. Similar to the boss, Longjohn pants are also made from special to hold / keep warm body temperature. Actually the use of this pants optional aka option because only for extreme temperatures. I myself only wear it if the weather temperature is lower than -5 degrees centigrade. If it’s still zero degrees, I’m still comfortable wearing jeans.

Second layer (outside): Jeans or thick pants or special winter pants. Many options for underwear, especially the type of trousers that can be made from jeans, wool, denim, or special pants for winter made from polyester plated fleece. The last type I call seems to have been sold in Indonesia for the purposes of nature lovers. If not mistaken, a brand like Eiger was already there. I myself am more comfortable using jeans or jeans lined with Longjohn pants (if needed).

My advice if your destination is cool enough, it’s best to have at least one Longjohn pants just in case you’re cold.

Human neck is very sensitive, not to mention the cold wind. For that you must prepare a scarf or protective neck (a kind of neck scarf) made of wool or fleece can also. In the market there has been a special protector of the neck as a substitute for a scarf that does not make complicated. Stay focus in the neck and function optimally because like a scarf that envelops your neck.


Granny pods floor plans for kitchen
Granny pods floor plans for kitchen

If it seems like you’re getting tired of the kitchen in the house it means that your kitchen is starting to look worn out. We think you need to redecorate your kitchen, giving a modern twist to your kitchen is a good choice because then your kitchen will look more attractive and fresh. The modern kitchen decor with Granny pods floor plans almost always impresses everyone, the first thing you need in all the designing designs of the kitchen is the selection of wall colors, it’s up to you to apply light-themed, light or dark colors of origin just make sure that the colors you choose are memorable modern.

Kitchen cannot be called modern if it is not filled with the latest equipment, the latest equipment in your kitchen will complete the modern impression, it’s useless if you have renovated your kitchen with modern colors and cabinets if your kitchenware is old is not it? So prepare a more budget to make your kitchen design more futuristic.

Some professional home designers choose to suggest modern kitchen decor, this means it is a demand to have a modern kitchen design at home is increasing. Creating a modern kitchen is an interesting challenge for the designers; in addition to new ideas also need to continue to promote functionality for kitchen construction is not solely because of the blinding aesthetic.


Fleur de lis home decor for contemporary look
Fleur de lis home decor for contemporary look

Home is one of the things that everyone wants to have, not least the millennial. Millennial home decor is slightly different from home usually. There are certain accessories that you can insert to make your house look cool and contemporary. Below are some tips to have Fleur de lis home decor:

  1. Use carpet with tribal pattern, this one way to make modern impression present in your house
  2. Or fill the wall with a mural pattern leaves so that the atmosphere inside the house more fresh.
  3. How to decorate the house of the present, use unique ornaments! For example, iron bucket for lampshades
  4. Place the quote on the wall as a sweetener room as well as words of encouragement.
  5. Hang the plant as wall decoration and freshener room.
  6. Tiles with eclectic design can also be used as a bathroom wall, kitchen, or floor of a particular room
  7. Do not let the ladder tire; you can paste the wallpaper of words of wisdom in each step ladder
  8. Various kinds of photos of the streets can be transformed into charming wall hangings
  9. Head deer of wood, fluorescent cables, and green plants can be used as room accessories to look more artful
  10. This urban-themed rug can make your home look more present, combine with white-painted bricks

Tips to Buy a Good Rooftop Cargo Carrier
Tips to Buy a Good Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Carrying luggage in the car is supposed to be placed in the luggage space provided by the factory standard, but this is often a problem when items are carried beyond the available baggage capacity. As a solution of the problematic is currently sold a lot of accessories called rooftop cargo carrier that serves as an additional storage place installed on the roof of the car. The first knowledge to know is the maximum load that the vehicle can carry. Usually the manufacturers rarely provide detailed specifications about the maximum load that can be accommodated roof of the car. But for some types of SUV cars are usually equipped with a roof rail design and function has been adjusted by considering the weight of the load on the roof.

If you want to install a rooftop cargo carrier in the car, must first calculate the factors that influence the maximum carrying capacity of your vehicle. For example, the car that will be fitted with roof box is Toyota Kijang Innova diesel engine, with gross weight of 2,300 kilogram and weight of 1,700 kg weight, means that the load can be transported by this car is only 600 kg, obtained from the reduction of gross weight with kreb weight.

The 600 kg figure includes the weight of all the passengers in the car. So suppose if the car is fully charged Innova by 7 adults with an average body weight of 60 kg, then the weight of passengers alone has reached 420 kg. This means the ration load to carry only 180 kg of goods left, the number is then reduced again by the weight of the rooftop cargo carrier with its cross bar, for example a total of 20 kg, meaning you can carry a weight of 160 kg. Otherwise if the number of passengers reduced, the capacity for goods can be more, well this figure should be calculated carefully by the car owners who will use the roof box on his car.


To find more details for Best Car Rooftop just check : http://www.cargocarrierbox.com/best-rooftop-cargo-carrier-luggage-rack-reviews/